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Post by ArjaaAineZ on Fri May 08, 2009 10:21 pm

1) eRep Name: ArjaaAine

2) eRep Age: 144 days...

3) RL country : Indian living in USA

4) My Influence in eRep: Have been a successful businessman for over 4 months, and been the Minister of Finance for eIndia for two terms now...

Living the good life and making tons of friends Smile

5) Interests/Hobbies: Computer Games, Books, Cricket, Formula 1, DBZ, Girls, Food... and other stuff

Also I am the owner and Manager of Orgs :

India Rising
Money Grabber
Money Grabber2
Money Grabber3..

I own 10 companies atm and am the Administrator of these forums Smile

Number of posts : 915
Age : 30
Erepublik Username : ArjaaAine

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